Let's continu at the Do pavilion.

Planet Creation Phase 4

Carolina: Your question suggests that I first chose a theme and then started to paint or draw.  Well, that’s not how these works were created and came together. As you see, I have worked on these pieces in several years: 1994, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2013, 2015, 2016. I follow an inner urge to express something. Then, my atelier is the place to be, to paint and draw. Throughout time this has resulted in a lot of works. At first, it seems as if there is no relation between the works that have been created. Yet, afterwards there always appears to be one. Thanks to the support of my husband I discover that my work does have themes, many more than I was initially aware of.

Carolina: Do is the lowest music note in a music scale in the Western world. Red is the lowest frequency of light that is visible to the human eye. For me, nature is the start of all life. I love gardening. It is wonderful to see plants grow. To discover forms and colors. It’s truly impressive how animals and humans grow. For me this growing power is a beautiful, creative mystery. Science has no explanation yet for the origin of this recurring life power. We all live on Earth, this green, growing planet. So, it is something to handle with care. The genesis of our planet is where the first story starts.


Carolina: When after the big bang our solar system started, a large dust cloud thickened into solid earth. Water condensed on solid earth, thereby the seas and a surrounding atmosphere arose. So there where airs and seas. Micro-organisms and plants developed. The first plants had no sexual diversity. Only when sexual diversity appeared in this beautiful, creative earth’s process, a faster development initiated. So basically, we do not have a world, but we are one world. It seems to me that the contemporary human mind often has problems to grasp the true nature of the planet it is living on. So, the last artwork in the Do pavilion is called One World. Nothing religious, nothing political, nothing economical, just the principle of its nature. I really love this planet I am living on! What about you?