Shall we take a break?
Can I offer you something
to drink or eat?

Carolina: Hahaha, you ask my vision on eating as an artist. Well, let me tell you this: I'm always an artist, even when I'm sleeping. Cooking is therefore a form of art for me as well: mixing the ingredients to a beautiful taste, making the meal a feast to the eye, so it generates our appetite even more. I like good food and I love cooking for myself and others. It's a pleasure to share my meals with good company. Eating together is meeting each other by sharing food, talking, listening, having a good time.

Carolina: Sure. From the beginning, I knew that the work in the restaurant would have a relationship with food. But how, I did not know yet. Until one evening, when I made a salad, I was struck by the beauty of a cut tomato. It was so delicate in color and shape, so beautifully symmetrical and at the same time so refreshingly non-perfect. I envisioned a collection of small paintings of fruits from all over the world, which were cut out like my tomato. I also knew immediately the technique I would be using: painting on glass. It’s a very playful and surprising technique, because you don’t see what you have painted until you have turned the glass around and looked at the other side. Immediately, I knew that this would be the children's section in the restaurant, a place where they can draw and play.

Carolina: We have a garden, a large garden where we grow flowers, vegetables and fruit. Because of our garden I became very aware of the seasons. Each season has its special qualities to enjoy. In spring, for example, I enjoy the appearance of buds in the trees and fresh green sprouts, the bright green of young crops in the dark soil. Summer is the enjoyment of flowers, the intensity of green-colored leaves. In the summer I enjoy the shadow of the vine, the bees and butterflies and our freshly grown vegetables. The summer shows me the abundance of nature and her generosity. In autumn we harvest pumpkins and seeds, I see the leaves of the trees change into gold. It's the time of the fog, which makes the garden mysterious and softens all colors. In the fall, my face is warmed by the last rays of sunshine. Winter is the time of silence in the garden. Nothing seems to happen. We will make plans for the next spring when everything comes to life again. Our garden makes me aware of the rhythm of nature, in which each season evolves, each with its own special beauty. Everything is changing constantly. And yet there is an enormous underlying order in all this.