Artist v2-1org

“Art is for me in its essence educational. It awakens in people what is theirs. It respects everyone’s uniqueness. It invites and encourages people into questioning."

“Painting is telling stories in a language that can be understood by all people regardless of age, culture or land of origin.”

Artist v2-2org

"As from an infinite source the images flow out of my hands. My style is spontaneous, without preconceived ideas. After completing a number of paintings, I am always surprised what my subconscious mind has made on the canvas. At this exact moment in the creative process, the connection between the images becomes clear. I have used many different styles through time. Nowadays I combine abstract and concrete styles on the same canvas. I use water-soluble oil-paint, so I can work both impasto and watercolor-like. It is always colorful. Sometimes I sew painted pieces of cloth together to make a composition.” Carolina Wajon