The Human Nature art project combines thematic painting with specifically designed architecture in a landscape-park. The exhibition garden is an art-architecture-garden-project to stimulate all senses of the visitors in many different ways. The themes chosen by only one artist are recognizable for a broad public. Her purpose with this art project is to create a unique fusion of natural and cultural elements that gives people the possibility to experience beauty. The beauty-experience appears in all times, in all cultures and may be an experience that connects our individual lives possibly more than we realize.

human nature art garden carolina wajon
 art garden human nature carolina wajon

The 7 exhibition pavilions have the colors of the rainbow and are named after the music notes. By and large, about 500 meters of exhibition-wall are available to tell the themes of life that all cultures in all times experience. The architectural design of the pavilions also reflects the nature-culture fusion. Each pavilion has an expo-wall and an inner garden. Natural building materials are used to create sustainable, energy neutral pavilions.


Every visitor has the choice to view the artworks in silence, with sound or with music. The artworks are accompanied by multi-cultural sound or music extensions that have been carefully chosen to enhance your art experience. Visitors can just use the headphones of their smartphone on the exhibition Wi-Fi-network. The Garden of Human Nature is designed to be a touristic attraction for a broad, international public. A place to enjoy nature, art and each other's company.