Privacy statement

Universal Tales Workgroup, situated at Zwanenveld 38-26, 6538 XS Nijmegen, is responsible for the use of personal data as shown in this privacy statement. Mr. Cornelis Huijskens is the data protection officer of Universal Tales Workgroup. He can be contacted via

An overview of the personal data we process:
= Name and surname.
= E-mail address.
= Personal data you voluntarily share during e-mail correspondence, phone contact or in personal contact with one of our employees.
= Data on visitor’s usage behavior of our website
A cookie is a small text-file that will be saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone during the first visit to this website. We use functional cookies. These cookies are required for the website to work properly. They improve website function and ensure the website is easy to use. You can opt out by changing the settings of your internet browser from allowing cookies to blocking cookies. In the settings of your internet browser you can also delete all cookie information that was previously stored on your computer. We only use technical and functional cookies and analytical cookies that do not infringe your privacy.
= Our website and/or service does not intend to collect data from visitors younger than 16 years of age, unless they have been granted permission by parents or caregiver. However, we cannot monitor whether a visitor is older than 16 years of age. So, we recommend parents to be involved with the online activities of their children to prevent data collection of children without parental consent. If you are convinced that we collected personal data of a minor without consent, please contact the abovementioned data protection officer.

The purpose and legal basis of the processing of personal data:
= Submitting our newsletter that provides information regarding our current activities.
= Offering the opportunity for contact by phone or e-mail if this helps to perform our services.
= Analyzing usage behavior with Google Analytics to improve the website content with the aim to reach our target audience better.
= We do not decide upon matters that can have (considerably large) consequences for individuals. In this case we refer to decisions taken by computer programs or computer systems, without the involvement of an employee of Universal Tales Office.

Personal data retention period:
= Universal Tales Workgroup stores your personal data only during the limited period necessary to realize the aims for which your data is used. Your personal data is not stored any longer than required.
= Name and surname are stored until activities cease on our part.
= E-mail address is stored until activities cease on our part.
= Personal data you voluntarily share are stored for 10 years. In case of legal interest on our part this may be prolonged as long as necessary to protect our legal interests.
= Anonymized data on usage behavior of the website for 10 years.

Sharing of personal data with third parties:
= Universal Tales Workgroup only shares data with third parties in case of an agreement with you that requires data sharing or when we must comply to lawful obligation.
= In every other situation, we will not share data with third parties without your consent.

Your right to data portability:
= You may request us to send you the personal data we have stored from you in a computer file to you, to someone else or to an organization appointed by you.
= Your request for data transfer can be submitted to the abovementioned data protection officer.

Your right to access, rectify or delete your personal data:
= You have the right to withdraw your consent or object against the processing of your personal data by Universal Tales Workgroup.
= Your request for access, rectification or deletion of your personal data can be submitted to the abovementioned data protection officer.

Protection of personal data:
= Universal Tales Workgroup applies appropriate security measure to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized alterations of personal data.
= We store data internally with an off-line back-up system. We do not use online cloud storage space provided by third parties.
= Please contact the abovementioned data protection officer if you are under the impression your personal data is not secure or if you find signs of misuse.

This privacy statement was last updated on 10-05-2022.